February 10th, 2017


- Improvments to the website performance.

- Condensed links for better mobile use.


- Fixed calendar bug that mixed participants calendars together.

- Made calendar view larger.


- Moved subscribers to reports.

- Added multple export options and filters to subscribers page

- Fixed bug in the inclussion assessment report.

- Added export to excel option in inclusion assessment report.

- Added export to excel option in daily log report.


- Added search filters for the users and participants page.


- Moved Message Board to Logs.

- Can now manually change the date and time for logs.


- Fixed glitch in the mentor thoughts.


- Created an account settings page to change password and email.

- Created a report bug page to report any errors.

January 3rd, 2017


- Ability to add support person for event.

- Email sent to support person giving them event details.

- Confirm any delete or updates on event before it happens.

January 1st, 2017

Logs - Daily Log

- Increased the size of the notes area.

Users - Users

- Fixed bug with edit user.

Reports - Inclusion Assesment Entries

- Finished the report.

- Included View More option to show sub totals of each section.

Surveys - All

- Surveys link to website with surveys created.


- Calendar feature where you can create and share events related to participant.

Message Board

- Share a message to the people that are also linked to your participant.

- When message is shared, an email is sent to all the linked people of the participant.


- View list of people who signed up for the email listing

- Export list of emails to excel and marks them as exported.


- Improvments to the website performance.